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Power Rankings Edition #28

Mid Season Rankings

by Admin
Updated on: Fri, December 20, 2019 at 10:31 MST

With about 60% of the season completed, the rankings of the great players starts to show a clearer picture.
The wild card is the new owners who have joined L1 there is a lot of talent in the group.
Remember guys the real power rankings are after the playoffs.
These rankings are unscientific and just for fun!
The next rankings will be the final edition of the season before the playoffs begin.
1 Tampa Bay
LoganP 32 GP,
28-3-1, 57 pts.
16-1-1 Since the last update still looks like the man to beat.
2 Chicago
JoshG2 31 GP,
23-5-3, 49 pts.
7-3-1 Since the last update Has slipped a little since the last rankings.
3 St. Louis
Monti 41 GP,
31-8-2, 64 pts.
4-1-0 Since the last update, his tough style of play stays true.
4 Philadelphia
Willie 28 GP,
22-5-1, 45 pts.
7-1-0 Since the last update, Willie is know as a dynamic scorer but will he be lighting the lamp against some of the new talent in the L1 league.
5 Montreal
AaronR 40 GP,
26-12-2, 54 pts.
8-2-1 Since the last update, Aaron is a solid player and easily capable of bring home the NHOL L1 Cup.
6 Vegas
Golden Knights
MattG 40 GP,
25-13-2, 52 pts.
3-0-0 Since the last update, never count Matt out. Matt who lost last year's cup game 7 final is back and looking to take it home this year.
7 Vancouver
Steffan 40 GP,
25-15-0, 50 pts.
7-2-0 Since the last update A perennial top 10 L1 player, one word Dangerous
8 Carolina
NateJ 35 GP,
23-8-4, 50 pts.
23 19-8-4 Since the last update every game with Nate is a battle.
9 Toronto
Maple Leafs
ColeK 19 GP,
10-5-4, 24 pts.
4-1-1 Since the last update he big Alaskan has a great team in the Leafs. Once he gets rolling watch out.
10 Pittsburgh
Leston 37 GP,
21-12-4, 46 pts.
1 11-4-0 Since the last update, Les has tremendous skills.
11 New Jersey
SteveW 29 GP,
13-11-5, 31 pts.
4 10-6-2 Since the last update, Steve is the silent assassin of the L1. His defense is outstanding always.
12 Los Angeles
BradyE 27 GP,
13-11-3, 29 pts.
6 11-4-0 Since the last update, Brady shows alot of energy on the ice
13 Winnipeg
Nikolas 39 GP,
19-16-4, 42 pts.
12-10-2 Since the last update, a student of the game Nik is studying all of your moves and knows game film will show everything about an opponent.
14 Florida
TomN 37 GP,
16-19-2, 34 pts.
9 8-3-1 Since the last update he is getting his game together. This tough Canadian has a quick shot and knows how to use it.
15 Buffalo
Zhang 30 GP,
16-13-1, 33 pts.
5 8-9-1 Since the last update some slippage since the last rankings, Big Z needs to get his rhythm.
16 Washington
JacobN 26 GP,
14-10-2, 30 pts.
4 12-10-0 Since the last update, Jake loves the competition in L1. He has the Caps one of the great teams and is adapting well to the competition.
17 Calgary
XMauriceX 14 GP,
7-6-1, 15 pts.
4-4-1 Since the last update win one lose one type regular season so far for Mo. He is known for turning it on come playoff time.
18 Nashville
KeithS 30 GP,
19-10-1, 39 pts.
12 4-5 Since the last update new to the group, Keith has shown some flashes of good and some bad.
19 Minnesota
Trocch 20 GP,
7-8-5, 19 pts.
5 5-6-3 Since the last update, never sleep on Trocch his games are tight, always a battle.
20 Ottawa
JonB 29 GP,
13-16-0, 26 pts.
4 11-10-0 Since the last update he loves his Sens, God Bless him for playing with this limited team.
21 New York
AlexL 39 GP,
14-20-5, 33 pts.
8 14-17-5 Since the last update, early on Alex didn't think he was L1 worthy. Even though he is struggling a bit he has righted the ship.
22 Edmonton
CJ 31 GP,
10-18-3, 23 pts.
3 7-11-1 Since the last update, CJ has watched the evolution of L1 through the last few seasons, from 3 or 4 possible tough match ups to 30 tough ones.
23 Dallas
LouisR 29 GP,
10-18-1, 21 pts.
7 7-12-0 Since the last update Louis has come in and played hard, wins and losses are non an indicator of his game play.
24 Anaheim
Tommi 23 GP,
9-12-2, 20 pts.
2 7-10-1 Since the last update, hailing from Finland Tommi has a team that's weak on overall talent, but has a respectable record of play.
25 Detroit
Red Wings
Curtis 22 GP,
8-11-3, 19 pts.
17 7-10-2 Since the last update, Curt needs to rip off a bundle of games to get his game together.
26 Colorado
DaveJ 23 GP,
9-13-1, 19 pts.
6 4-7-0 Since the last update another fellow who plays you tough.
27 San Jose
Sean 24 GP,
7-17-0, 14 pts.
2 6-11-0 Since the last update, Sean is a veteran L1 player and knows what it takes to win come playoff time.
28 New York
BobbyZ 17 GP,
4-13-0, 8 pts.
3-5-0 Since the last update, the Rangers are a rough squad to play with. Bobbi has subbed in and has shown flashes of brilliance on the ice.
29 Columbus
Blue Jackets
PaulA 28 GP,
6-20-2, 14 pts.
8 2-6-1 Since the last update, Pauly has struggled this season 14-17-5 Since the last update worst of his L1 career. We are looking for a turnaround here
30 Boston
DwayneL 36 GP,
6-27-3, 15 pts.
3 4-12-1 Since the last update, Dwayne thinks his game is coming together.
31 Arizona
JackB 18 GP,
3-15-0, 6 pts.
5 0-2-0 Since the last update, Mr Hollywood has been extremely busy but will be coming for you with new look Taylor Hall Yotes shortly.