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Power Rankings Edition #27

Season 15 Edition 1

by Admin
Updated on: Wed, November 06, 2019 at 6:58 MST

The League 1 Power Rankings take into effect current and past history of the players in the NHOL.
It is strictly just for fun and the true ratings are the NHOL Cup Playoffs.
1 Tampa Bay
LoganP 14 GP,
12-2-0, 24 pts.
5 Logan has a great team and hes a great player, but it has been 2 weeks since he has hit the ice, and he has yet to play some of our new players. We shall see if he can hold the top spot.
2 Chicago
JoshG2 20 GP,
16-2-2, 34 pts.
2 Josh has come into the league and played some great hockey, A newcomer to the NHOL he has put up some impressive wins.
3 St. Louis
Monti 36 GP,
27-7-2, 56 pts.
24 Monti plays a tough D which leads to wins. His bugaboo has always been the playoffs.
4 Philadelphia
Willie 20 GP,
15-4-1, 31 pts.
15 No one has more scoring titles in NHOL history than Willie G. Lets see if he can add a NHOL Cup to his resume.
5 Montreal
AaronR 29 GP,
18-10-1, 37 pts.
6 Aaron has played great in this first run in L1. He attacks and defends well.
6 Vegas
Golden Knights
MattG 37 GP,
22-13-2, 46 pts.
15 Last year NHOL Cup runner up is like a sleeping bear waiting to awaken from hibernation.
7 Vancouver
Steffan 31 GP,
18-13-0, 36 pts.
6 A perennial top 10 L1 performer. He has won a NHOL L3 Cup in his early days and knows the grind of the playoffs.
8 Detroit
Red Wings
JoshL 3 GP,
1-1-1, 3 pts.
Another man with a lot of history in the L1, and a lot of wins. Josh has started a new job and has been sidelined due to this but he will play all his games and win many of them.
9 Toronto
Maple Leafs
ColeK 13 GP,
6-4-3, 15 pts.
1 The man from Alaska has played many NHOL L1 games and won many games. A force in the playoffs always.
10 Buffalo
Zhang 12 GP,
8-4-0, 16 pts.
5 Zhang has played well with this good Sabres club. He has been work traveling and will be hitting the ice soon.
11 Pittsburgh
Leston 18 GP,
10-8-0, 20 pts.
14 Les has hit a cold streak lately after a hot streak but still looks good in his first season.
12 Washington
Teo 4 GP,
2-0-2, 6 pts.
17 The man from Finland has played 4 and has a 2-0-2 record we need to see more games played by Teo, but his past history says he is one of the top dogs coming out of F-Land
13 Winnipeg
Nikolas 15 GP,
7-6-2, 16 pts.
9 Nik took over a team that was 0-2-1 and has gone 7-4-1 not too shaby.
14 Minnesota
Trocch 6 GP,
2-2-2, 6 pts.
9 The oldest ranking player in L1 dating back to season 2, is still searching for that elusive first NHOL Cup.He has been in the finals and knows what it takes to win come playoff time.
15 New Jersey
SteveW 11 GP,
3-5-3, 9 pts.
15 Don't let his current record fool you this man can play!!
16 Dallas
CalvinC 10 GP,
3-6-1, 7 pts.
2 Ditto for Cal.
17 Calgary
XMauriceX 5 GP,
3-2-0, 6 pts.
3 Another old-timer Maurice is playing with his beloved Flamers.
18 Los Angeles
BradyE 14 GP,
6-7-1, 13 pts.
2 He started slow but is handicapped with a team that is weak in many areas. This young man can certainly play the game.
19 Edmonton
CJ 12 GP,
3-7-2, 8 pts.
12 It's been almost 3 weeks since CJ had a tough loss. Hopefully he isn't at home pouring down Shots of Tequilla after Tequilla. He will be back and will be playing tough.
20 Colorado
DaveJ 12 GP,
5-6-1, 11 pts.
19 Dave is a steady player. He just needs to get on one of his spurts to get going.
21 Columbus
Blue Jackets
PaulA 17 GP,
4-12-1, 9 pts.
12 Paul know for his tight D and great wins is struggling with the Jackets. The Jackets weakness is at Goalie with Korpisalo between the pipes.
22 Anaheim
DrewH 5 GP,
2-2-1, 5 pts.
7 Drew can definitely play we just need to see a bit more games played to rank him accordingly.
23 Florida
TomN 25 GP,
8-16-1, 17 pts.
8 Tommy struggled early learning the new edition of NHL 20, he seems to have righted the ship now.
24 Ottawa
JonB 8 GP,
2-6-0, 4 pts.
6 This man is a Sens fan for life. The team is a bit better than last years edition but still is waiting for the youth to arrive with some talent.
25 San Jose
Sean 7 GP,
1-6-0, 2 pts.
1 Sean 1-6 Shocker!!! It won't last.
26 Arizona
JackB 16 GP,
3-13-0, 6 pts.
9 Jack is having a rough ride with the Yotes. He has fired the coach and GM and has taken his place behind the bench. The former L2 champ will win its a matter of when.
27 Boston
DwayneL 19 GP,
2-15-2, 6 pts.
15 Dwaynes shaking his head, this is a man with 1,000s of Versus 1vs 1 games under his belt and a great L2 season. Let see if he can get that Bruins talented squad to play.
28 New York
Michael 9 GP,
1-8-0, 2 pts.
29 New York
3 GP,
0-3-0, 0 pts.
27 N/A
30 Nashville
19 GP,
13-5-1, 27 pts.
27 N/A
31 Carolina
4 GP,
4-0-0, 8 pts.
7 N/A