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Power Rankings Edition #25

Season 14 Edition 1

Updated on: Wed, May 15, 2019 at 11:10 MDT

Season 14 Power Rankings Edition 1 for L1 is a guideline for the upcoming playoffs.
The true Power Rankings are the end of the Playoffs but this might give some insight to who will be a player once the playoffs begin.
Remember these rankings are just for fun
1 Colorado
AJ 27 GP,
23-3-1, 47 pts.
22 AJ has been playing great since day 1 of his joining the NHOL.
2 New York
MattG 38 GP,
30-7-1, 61 pts.
18 Another newcomer to the NHOl, and outstanding play most of the season although there were a few losses recently.
3 Calgary
EricS 19 GP,
12-4-3, 27 pts.
7 The two time champ has never lost a Cup in his 2 previous full seasons. Will he make it 3 this year?
4 Vancouver
SteveW 36 GP,
23-6-7, 53 pts.
8 Steve and his Canucks have played great this season by far his best looking team.
5 Columbus
Blue Jackets
Willie 33 GP,
26-5-2, 54 pts.
2 Willie has always been a force in league play. His scoring titles show that. After last seasons playoff meltdown he is on a mission to prove himself to be in the elite top L1 players.
6 Detroit
Red Wings
JoshTL 32 GP,
23-7-2, 48 pts.
20 Detroit does not have much talent but Josh does.
7 Dallas
CJ 21 GP,
15-5-1, 31 pts.
9 CJ is playing his best NHOL hockey ever, but has a few games left so the jury is still out where this season will end up.
8 Nashville
CalvinC 28 GP,
16-7-5, 37 pts.
4 Cal has a great team with the Preds top players in all 3 phases of the game.
9 Vegas
Golden Knights
DaveD 10 GP,
4-6-0, 8 pts.
8 Don't let the record fool you. Dave took over an 0-5 team and is a perennial top 10 player in L1
10 Edmonton
Friar 37 GP,
20-14-3, 43 pts.
1 The 3 time NHOL Cup champ is always lurking, he tends to turn it up a notch come playoff time.
11 Chicago
ColeK 25 GP,
15-5-5, 35 pts.
16 Cole is playing great hockey.Word has it he love Kaner!
12 Buffalo
Steffan 38 GP,
24-12-2, 50 pts.
1 Steff always is a tough competitor in any league.
13 Toronto
Maple Leafs
PaulA 35 GP,
17-12-6, 40 pts.
11 Paul has struggled a bit this season. He usually has a team with a great goalie and Anderson is well Anderson.
14 Boston
DaveJ 28 GP,
14-12-2, 30 pts.
16 Dave has probably the best line in the game with Bergeron, Marchand, and Pastrnak.
15 Los Angeles
GinoM 12 GP,
8-3-1, 17 pts.
13 Gino just came in this last weekend and has played great with a team devoid of talent.
16 Winnipeg
Caleb 10 GP,
6-3-1, 13 pts.
1 Caleb has been in hockey camp this past season and needs much catching up to do.
17 Anaheim
Monti 31 GP,
15-11-5, 35 pts.
12 Monti has a dynamic game play. Its always a test going up against him and his rugged D.
18 Minnesota
Sean 24 GP,
10-12-2, 22 pts.
7 Sean made quite a showing last season in the L1 playoffs winning some exciting series. After a slow start he looks like he is rounding into shape.
19 Montreal
KenH 30 GP,
14-13-3, 31 pts.
18 Ken new to the NHOL has been impressive. His play is solid.
20 Ottawa
JonB 25 GP,
11-11-3, 25 pts.
13 Jon took his hometown Sens after winning the L2 NHOL Cup last season. He has a great game and plays everyone tough.
21 Philadelphia
XMauriceX 16 GP,
7-9-0, 14 pts.
16 Maurice a long time NHOl veteran always starts slow but comes on at the end.
22 Arizona
TomN 28 GP,
12-15-1, 25 pts.
9 Tom has a team that is getting better but not quite elite yet.
23 San Jose
ThomasL 34 GP,
10-20-4, 24 pts.
21 This is new territory for the big Canadian. He is used to dominating opponents.
24 Tampa Bay
Trocch 18 GP,
5-12-1, 11 pts.
2 Dont count Trocch out. He has Stamkos and company and is always a threat.
25 Carolina
AlanS 21 GP,
5-11-5, 15 pts.
16 Alan has struggled with teh Canes but is keeping a stiff upper lip and plodding on hoping to turn it on come playoffs.
26 Pittsburgh
SamC 22 GP,
6-15-1, 13 pts.
5 Sam has struggled. He knows the NHOl L1 has gotten better and better each season. Once school gets out Sam hopes to give you a lesson with Crosby,Malkin, and the boys.
27 St. Louis
BobbyB 22 GP,
5-15-2, 12 pts.
9 His first year of college Bobby hopes to fine tune his game. A former L2 Cup champion he knows how to win.
28 Washington
NickK 25 GP,
5-17-3, 13 pts.
22 League officials are investigated Nick K and his gambling associates with underworld ties. This on top of the Olypmia Escort Service being busted in Toronto,and his phone number listed in their computer records. A side comments under Nicks name was he likes large women, amazon types.
29 Florida
TrevorM 27 GP,
3-21-3, 9 pts.
15 Trev is very upset. On draft day his selection of the Panthers was viewed as sketchy at best.
30 New Jersey
Tommy 21 GP,
3-18-0, 6 pts.
11 Tommy is struggling.
31 New York
JayL 1 GP,
0-1-0, 0 pts.
23 NA