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Power Rankings Edition #24

Pre-Playoff Final Rankings

Updated on: Thu, January 17, 2019 at 9:38 MST

Its all about the playoffs now folks!
1 Montreal
Brett 46 GP,
38-7-1, 77 pts.
29 What can be said about this new member to the NHOL. He took over a 0-7 team and went 38-0-1. The clear favorite to capture a NHOL L1 Cup. Any series loss will be an upset with his skills.
2 San Jose
Friar 46 GP,
32-9-5, 69 pts.
4 The 3 time champ is a clear favorite to come out of the west conference.
3 Columbus
Blue Jackets
PaulA 45 GP,
33-6-6, 72 pts.
1 Defense is the name of his game. In order to take out Paul you must beat his D then Bob.
4 Nashville
JoshTL 45 GP,
33-10-2, 68 pts.
Josh the #2 seed in the west, looks to build on his RRL championship last fall. Does he have the strength to plow through the brutal L1 playoffs?
5 Philadelphia
Steffan 44 GP,
29-13-2, 60 pts.
He is out there lurking. Very quietly putting up strong numbers. The Flyers have very weak goal tending which could hurt Steff in his quest for a second NHOL Cup.
6 Washington
RobS 41 GP,
28-8-5, 61 pts.
5 He jumped in and took over the Caps, a little while ago. History tells us he will make a strong run in the playoffs, but has struggled mightily playing NHL 19. This could be the season he gets ambushed.
7 Ottawa
CalvinC 45 GP,
28-14-3, 59 pts.
5 What an impressive record with a horrible Sens team of little talent. Cal definitely has game.
8 New York
SteveW 44 GP,
27-13-4, 58 pts.
3 A very similiar case here with Steve as Cal, Not much talent outside of Henrik, but hats off to this newcomer for a great season.
9 Carolina
Monti 45 GP,
27-15-3, 57 pts.
5 Monti plays fast, his defense attacks non stop. Its his first NHOL playoffs and sometimes experience plays a factor.
10 Calgary
Willie 41 GP,
26-13-2, 54 pts.
2 How does Will notch another Hart trophy? By having a deadly shot.
11 Edmonton
CJ 40 GP,
25-13-2, 52 pts.
5 What a jump CJ has made since he entered the NHOL. From L3 to L1 in 2 seasons and a L2 Cup winner. He is with the big boys now, lets see if he takes another step forward in his progression with some playoff wins.
12 Vancouver
NickS 44 GP,
12-30-2, 26 pts.
19 Nick is a top player, His PS broke down and his games were subbed don't let the dismal record fool you
13 Buffalo
JamesG 43 GP,
22-19-2, 46 pts.
4 A man who took over the Sabres and ran off a 17-8 record. He has skills.
14 Florida
Teo 43 GP,
27-16-0, 54 pts.
5 This young man from Finland said he wanted to play with the best when he entered the NHOL. He has done very well in his first season.
15 Winnipeg
TrevorM 46 GP,
25-18-3, 53 pts.
3 Only one word for Trev Solid. The big if is can he advance and make some noise in the west. With PK and Friar lurking old rivals it will be a test.
16 Dallas
ColeK 41 GP,
25-15-1, 51 pts.
9 Cole comes from Alaska. His game is strong. He plays with a cut your throat attitude. Look for an upset in his playoff series.
17 Vegas
Golden Knights
Sean 45 GP,
24-19-2, 50 pts.
6 He struggled in NHL 18, but scouts say he is playing the best he has ever played in the NHOL currently.
18 St. Louis
ThomasL 46 GP,
19-22-5, 43 pts.
3 Tom is a man who loves the game. He has dominated L2 and L3. Now he has Tarasenko and company and wants to prove himself with the best.
19 New Jersey
Tommy 46 GP,
19-21-6, 44 pts.
1 Tommy is a trooper. His loss of Schneider from the roster may hurt him in the playoffs and a loaded Eastern Conference.
20 New York
Caleb 45 GP,
17-21-7, 41 pts.
5 Another man from the 50th state of the US Alaska. He plays a lot of hockey and his game skills show he has the knowledge how to play.
21 Pittsburgh
Trocch 39 GP,
16-18-5, 37 pts.
3 Crosby, Malkin, Letang and Trocchia. His last visit to the NHOL finals was 8 seasons ago. Look for Phil as a dark horse contender with all that talent.
22 Tampa Bay
JonG 39 GP,
16-22-1, 33 pts.
12 Jon started strong in league play. He went into the tank posting a 4-14 record over his last 18 games. Heads will roll if he doesn't turn this talented Bolts team around come playoffs
23 Colorado
DaveJ 39 GP,
13-23-3, 29 pts.
4 Dave has struggled a bit. He is learning the NHOL in his first season but has shown spurts of good play. Its all about the playoffs now lets see if he can turn it on.
24 Toronto
Maple Leafs
SamC 37 GP,
10-21-6, 26 pts.
2 Sam was crying the blues early about his game play, losing tight games. He feels he has stabilized things at the right time and looks for a playoff upset. It was 2 years ago he was in the L1 finals.
25 Minnesota
NickK 42 GP,
13-24-5, 31 pts.
2 He has gotten hot at the right time 7-3 in his last 10 including playing Montreal tough.
26 Detroit
Red Wings
JoshM 37 GP,
14-19-4, 32 pts.
13 Pulling double duty in L1 and L2 is very hard but hats off to Josh on a solid showing.
27 Chicago
Justin 43 GP,
14-27-2, 30 pts.
5 He has subbed in and played some good games some not so good. He is a great guy who is all about the NHOl experience.
28 Los Angeles
BobbyB 41 GP,
10-29-2, 22 pts.
3 Bobby 2 seasons away from his L2 championship is stuggling with the KIngs who have very little firepower. He battles every game though.
29 Anaheim
Troy 46 GP,
11-31-4, 26 pts.
Troy stepped into L1 and has done a great job getting games in. Its rough with the Ducks.
30 Boston
JackSpade 40 GP,
8-32-0, 16 pts.
2 The big guy from Germany is shaking his head. One of the oldest members of the NHOl is in amazement with the talent that has come into the league. Hats off to this NHOL HOFer.
31 Arizona
46 GP,
24-21-1, 49 pts.
28 Left us hopefully he returns some day.