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Power Rankings Edition #23

Edition 2

by Admin
Updated on: Wed, December 05, 2018 at 4:35 MST

The second edition of the L1 Power Ranking is out.
Please remember these are for fun and the real power rankings that matter are the playoffs.
1 Washington
EricS 15 GP,
13-2-0, 26 pts.
The 2 time Defending NHOL L1 Cup winner is still the man to beat.
2 Columbus
Blue Jackets
PaulA 32 GP,
25-5-2, 52 pts.
Paul and the Jackets hold the 2 spot.
3 Arizona
DaveD 22 GP,
18-4-0, 36 pts.
1 Dave and his Yotes a solid 3 spot
4 Nashville
JoshTL 29 GP,
21-6-2, 44 pts.
5 Josh coming off a RRL PLayoff Championship moves up in the rankings
5 Philadelphia
Steffan 32 GP,
21-9-1, 43 pts.
Steff is solid.
6 San Jose
Friar 22 GP,
11-6-5, 27 pts.
This 2 time Cup winner has one thought in mind. Rematch against Eric for the NHOL Cup.
7 Dallas
ColeK 17 GP,
10-6-1, 21 pts.
21 They had an earthquake in Alaska now Cole is back in business and ready to shake things up in L1.
8 Calgary
Willie 22 GP,
13-8-1, 27 pts.
2 Willie is winding down this semester at college. In a week he will be winding up his slapper from the slot.
9 Florida
Teo 22 GP,
13-9-0, 26 pts.
2 This young man from Finland has played well in his first season in L1. he said he is here to learn from the best.
10 Tampa Bay
JonG 25 GP,
14-10-1, 29 pts.
2 Jon was grumbling about being in the 8th spot last ranking. God only knows what expletives will be coming at me when he sees the new rankings.
11 New York
SteveW 8 GP,
5-2-1, 11 pts.
19 Steve just joined us and it is evident the man can play with an undermanned Rangers team.
12 Ottawa
CalvinC 1 GP,
1-0-0, 2 pts.
19 Word on the street is Cal has game. That coming from Savvy.
13 Detroit
Red Wings
JoshM 15 GP,
8-5-2, 18 pts.
10 Josh doing double duty in L1 and L2 and doing a fine job in both.
14 Carolina
Monti 32 GP,
17-14-1, 35 pts.
10 Monti came in to the group and has restyled his game and is looking good as he adapts to the L1 Team League.
15 New York
Caleb 27 GP,
13-10-4, 30 pts.
3 Caleb has been very quiet lately. Im sure he is out on a rink working on his one timer somewhere in Alaska.
16 Edmonton
CJ 12 GP,
6-5-1, 13 pts.
3 This quote was made by CJ "I am done with HUT. I am strictly going to play L1 and get a Cup" The former L2 Cup Champ has fire in his eyes!
17 Buffalo
Wills 11 GP,
3-6-2, 8 pts.
1 Will is jumping into the L1 fray as he maintains his Bruins in L2 and doing great.
18 Winnipeg
TrevorM 14 GP,
5-8-1, 11 pts.
Trev has one of the elite rosters in the league. He has always been on the cusp of greatness. What he needs is to consistently get some games in and get his game in gear.
19 Colorado
DaveJ 14 GP,
6-8-0, 12 pts.
10 Dave is also new to L1. He has the game of a silent killer and once he learns the players will be a contender.
20 New Jersey
Tommy 30 GP,
11-17-2, 24 pts.
1 Tommy never gives up. He battles and makes the most of his games.
21 St. Louis
BrandonR 12 GP,
7-4-1, 15 pts.
14 Brandon just took over the Blues and it is too soon to be evaluated. The last Blues owner talked a lot of trash when he was winning then disappeared with his tail between his legs as he got whacked repeatedly.
22 Chicago
AlanS 16 GP,
7-8-1, 15 pts.
8 Alan is doing double duty in L1 and L2 trying to improve his game.
23 Vegas
Golden Knights
Sean 16 GP,
5-10-1, 11 pts.
6 Sean has been ultra quiet lately. Communications and flares are being sent out to get his rear into the chat and playing.
24 Pittsburgh
Trocch 7 GP,
2-4-1, 5 pts.
9 Trocch one of our oldest L1 members has been extremely busy lately. He has informed us he will be rolling this weekend and ready to kick ass.
25 Los Angeles
Dagster 9 GP,
3-6-0, 6 pts.
5 DAG has been working 12 hour days 6 days a week. His game shows it. Rust.
26 Toronto
Maple Leafs
SamC 10 GP,
2-7-1, 5 pts.
7 Sam says he could easily have won half his games he lost. Lets see what the future holds.
27 Minnesota
NickK 19 GP,
4-13-2, 10 pts.
5 The losses are piling up for Nick the Greek. The man is not happy. Word has it he has started betting against his team and the NHOL Investigative Group is looking into large bets against the Wild placed in Toronto.
28 Boston
JackSpade 20 GP,
4-15-0, 8 pts.
5 The big German is pissed. He has vowed to turn things around once Bergeron returns from the injury list.
29 Anaheim
MitchE 16 GP,
3-13-0, 6 pts.
2 Mitch asked to go to 1 from 2, to get better at the game. The jury is still out on the better part, he is hoping for a hung jury.I( Relax you porno guys I know you get excited when you hear the word hung.)
30 Montreal
7 GP,
0-7-0, 0 pts.
4 Shawn has decided to concentrate strictly on his L2 Coyotes and bring home a cup there a new owner will be named shortly.
31 Vancouver
Junior 12 GP,
1-10-1, 3 pts.
6 The record says it all. What can this once proud man do to turn things around. Rumor has it since he went on this losing streak Cannabis stocks have reached a new high on the Toronto exchange.