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Power Rankings Edition #22

Edition 1

Updated on: Mon, November 05, 2018 at 3:04 MST

The first edition of the L1 power rankings has a couple of surprises but generally the same old ugly faces. Hench the picture to brighten up this motley crew.
The key to the power rankings is to be #1 after the playoffs.
Defending 2 time NHOL Champ Eric S will have a say in the playoffs as he goes for an unprecedented 3rd straight NHOL Cup.

1 Washington
EricS 8 GP,
7-1-0, 14 pts.
13 With the Capitals still the man to beat.
2 Columbus
Blue Jackets
PaulA 19 GP,
17-2-0, 34 pts.
15 Great defense. Will he get by Savvy in a brutal Eastern Conference.
3 Detroit
Red Wings
RobS 3 GP,
2-1-0, 4 pts.
We await to see how he fairs in the NHOL this season. This Red Wing team is a weak bunch, but Rob ha s the game to compete with any team.
4 Arizona
DaveD 11 GP,
9-2-0, 18 pts.
Fresh off his RRL upset win over Savvy Dave is pumped and jacked for the season. The question is does he have the firepower with his Yotes.
5 Philadelphia
Steffan 21 GP,
14-6-0, 28 pts.
4 Hes back and playing well. This former L3 champ can play against anyone.
6 San Jose
Friar 16 GP,
7-6-3, 17 pts.
He started slow the last couple of seasons but turns on the jets when the playoffs get near.The HOF Friar is always a contender.
7 St. Louis
JakeL 11 GP,
7-3-1, 15 pts.
11 He said "I like to stir the pot." Since that pot stirring hes dropped 3 of 4. Still a top player in the group.
8 Tampa Bay
JonG 11 GP,
8-3-0, 16 pts.
8 This French Canadian has probably the best team in the game. Bolts are loaded and Jon will do well unless hes loaded.
9 Nashville
JoshTL 27 GP,
19-6-2, 40 pts.
3 Josh is playing his best hockey since joining the NHOL. Preds are another loaded team. A good test will be his RRL Cuo finals coming up.
10 Calgary
Willie 16 GP,
10-5-1, 21 pts.
Willie has a unique still of play. Its good. He has his Flames and knows the team well. He can beat anyone or lose to anyone.
11 Florida
Teo 9 GP,
5-4-0, 10 pts.
Teo hails from Finland. He is young and aggressive and wants to learn from the best. Show him gents.
12 New York
Caleb 21 GP,
11-8-2, 24 pts.
7 Caleb is solid. The Alaskan native plays the game and is a tough out in competition.
13 Edmonton
CJ 6 GP,
3-3-0, 6 pts.
3 CJ a past L2 champ is making his bones in L1. Mcdavid is a stud, o not take CJ for granted.
14 Chicago
Joey 4 GP,
2-2-0, 4 pts.
Joey has a small sample to show but he has shown he can play the game with the best.
15 Pittsburgh
Trocch 6 GP,
2-3-1, 5 pts.
4 Trooch has devoted some time to playing Madden. One of the oldest NHOLers he knows the system and how to work it. When he gets on a roll he is tough to beat.
16 Buffalo
Cote 11 GP,
3-6-2, 8 pts.
Cote has a problem. His team the Sabres are just ordinary but Eichel is a budding star.
17 Vegas
Golden Knights
Sean 12 GP,
4-7-1, 9 pts.
Sean is playing okay. The Knights are a solid team and have a great goalie in Fleury.
18 Winnipeg
TrevorM 6 GP,
1-4-1, 3 pts.
He has been relatively quiet competing in the RRL playoffs. Now that that is over dont look for a losing record out of Trev with the Jets.
19 Toronto
Maple Leafs
SamC 6 GP,
1-5-0, 2 pts.
14 1-5-0 SamC???? He is learning the game still he says. As a teacher he is also a student of the game. Sam will be in the mix come playoff time with the exciting Leafs.
20 Los Angeles
Dagster 0 GP,
0-0-0, 0 pts.
DAG We love you and await your return. DAG is a top 10 man here normally, and will be upon his return.
21 New Jersey
Tommy 16 GP,
4-10-2, 10 pts.
8 Tommy loves to play. The Devils are a good team with Taylor Hall and Schneider in the nets.
22 Minnesota
NickK 9 GP,
2-5-2, 6 pts.
19 Nick is back to work. Between work, chasing women, drinking, gambling, and sleeping its amazing the man can still find a few hours to play.
23 Boston
JackSpade 11 GP,
2-8-0, 4 pts.
16 Jack is one of the original NHOLers and a good man. The big German can play and with Bergeron and Marchand will pull this team together come playoff time.
24 Carolina
Fluri 1 GP,
0-1-0, 0 pts.
23 This past champ needs to get in gear. We await him to play.
25 Vancouver
Junior 7 GP,
0-7-0, 0 pts.
17 Junior is 0-7. He cannot be a happy camper, Lets see if he turns it around.
26 Montreal
PaulR 5 GP,
0-5-0, 0 pts.
24 Nick K brought Paul into the group. He is struggling but in the game and has to learn the players in the L1 league. He is intelligent unlike Nick so he will be ok.
27 Anaheim
Jamar 4 GP,
0-4-0, 0 pts.
12 Jamar is hurting. Perry has been off the EA roster and he sorely misses him. Lets see if Jamar turns things around
28 Dallas
4 GP,
1-2-1, 3 pts.
24 TBD
29 Colorado
3 GP,
0-3-0, 0 pts.
23 TBD
30 New York
0 GP,
0-0-0, 0 pts.
10 TBD
31 Ottawa
0 GP,
0-0-0, 0 pts.