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Power Rankings Edition #20
Season XI End of Season Power Rankings

by RobS
Updated on: Mon, June 25, 2018 at 11:59 MDT

1 Minnesota
DaveD 46 GP,
37-6-3, 77 pts.
16 An impressive Regular Season for Dave this time aorund. Has looked strong through the playoffs so far starting 9-0. He awaits the other side of the West Bracket for a spot in the finals.
2 Nashville
EricS 45 GP,
38-6-1, 77 pts.
16 A Midseason addition in NHOL L1. Savvy has filled in beautifully. If not for starting off late, he would of had the best record in the west. Savvy awaits his Western Conference Semi-Final Matchup
3 Carolina
RobS 46 GP,
37-8-1, 75 pts.
22 A new addition to the NHOL ranks. A slow start for Rob hindered his progress with losses to the Stars and Wild. However, he has bounced back beautifully with a strong finish and a 9-1 playoff start. Rob awaits his Eastern Finals Matchup.
4 New Jersey
Isaiah 43 GP,
34-9-0, 68 pts.
11 Isaiah had the misfortune of playing Friar in the second round of the playoffs. He lost a closely contested matchup to the 3x league champion. During the season, Isaiah had quality wins across the board including 2 against the East Regular Season Champ Rob.
5 Columbus
Blue Jackets
Dagster 46 GP,
28-12-6, 62 pts.
3 Dag with his frustrating defense rode a 3rd place finish in the East this season. dag was a leader in TOA on Defense throughout the season and is always a wall to play against.
6 New York
Friar 44 GP,
25-17-2, 52 pts.
24 After a slow start, Friar has rebounded nicely to finish the NHOL Season strong. He awaits the Flyers in the East Semi-Finals.
7 Boston
PaulA 45 GP,
29-14-2, 60 pts.
15 Paul like Isaiah fell victim to having a tough Semi-final matchup against Rob. Like Dag, his stifling defense kept him in almost every game he played.
8 Chicago
Steffan 46 GP,
26-13-7, 59 pts.
7 Steffan, a player who started in L2, moved up to L1 halfway through the season and hasnt missed one beat. Steffan awaits Nick Danger in the West Playoffs.
9 Dallas
JoshTL 46 GP,
29-14-3, 61 pts.
josh fell victim to an early round exit in the playoffs after a strong seaosn which saw Tyler Seguin lead the league in goals and points for most of the season. An NHOL veteran, he will be back ready better than ever to get his hands on an L1 title.
10 Anaheim
NickDanger 42 GP,
27-8-7, 61 pts.
10 Nick was one of the top defensive players in the league this season. He lots many close games against the best NHOL has to offer..if he can improve his offense, Nick will challenge for a championship sooner rather than later.
11 San Jose
ShawnM 43 GP,
25-17-1, 51 pts.
15 Slyque like Steffan stepped up to the plate this season by making a jump from L2 to L1. He lost three tightly contested games to Dave in the playoffs.
12 Detroit
Red Wings
BobbyB 46 GP,
23-16-7, 53 pts.
15 Bobby, another strong player in NHOL with a well rounded game lost a close matchup in the playoffs. However he was given a second chance by filling in for the missing Willie. He swept Dag 3-0 in the East Quarters and now advances to play Friar for a chance to play in the East Finals.
13 Toronto
Maple Leafs
Junior 46 GP,
25-18-3, 53 pts.
6 Junior had quality wins against Dave, Dag and Willie this season. He is a main stay in L1 and looks to improve next season.
14 Vegas
Golden Knights
Trocch 44 GP,
23-18-3, 49 pts.
1 Trocch had a mixed bag this season. He would beat the elite but lose to the bottom of the pack. He will look to improve his game overall going into next season.
15 New York
AndrewA 37 GP,
23-12-2, 48 pts.
4 Andrew, a mid-season fill in beat last season runner up Sam C in the playoffs before succumbing to Rob in the east quarters. A pro baseball player in Japan,Andrew looks to have a full season to control a team to see what he can really do.
16 Florida
SamC 41 GP,
22-14-5, 49 pts.
7 Sam, the runner up in season 10 had an unfortunate loss to Andrew in the playoffs. Sam time and time again competes well with the best in L1 and looks to improve next season will a strong overall game.
17 Buffalo
JoshTL 46 GP,
21-21-4, 46 pts.
7 Josh, a mid season fill in for the Sabers, played amazing as a fill in. The sabers did not have much to offer but he gave them a fighting chance night in an night out.
18 Edmonton
Tommy 46 GP,
20-23-3, 43 pts.
19 Philadelphia
Willie 42 GP,
18-20-4, 40 pts.
20 St. Louis
Justin 43 GP,
18-21-4, 40 pts.
21 Los Angeles
MitchE 41 GP,
19-21-1, 39 pts.
22 Pittsburgh
ChrisT 46 GP,
17-24-5, 39 pts.
23 Winnipeg
TrevorM 42 GP,
17-22-3, 37 pts.
24 Arizona
Reese 43 GP,
17-22-4, 38 pts.
25 Calgary
Admin 39 GP,
17-20-2, 36 pts.
26 Montreal
TonyL 46 GP,
16-27-3, 35 pts.
27 Tampa Bay
NickK 46 GP,
13-29-4, 30 pts.
28 Colorado
MikeG 46 GP,
14-30-2, 30 pts.
29 Washington
Sean 45 GP,
13-29-3, 29 pts.
30 Vancouver
JonJon 45 GP,
9-33-3, 21 pts.
31 Ottawa
JonJon 46 GP,
4-39-3, 11 pts.