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Playoffs match legendary coaches for 1st time.
Commish Jeff's 49ers visit Coach Dre's Bears
They are 2 of the most storied coaches in the MOF and they meet finally in the playoffs for the 1st time as Commish Jeff and the San Francisco 49ers rollinto Soldier Field to play the NFC North Champion Chicago bears. This has been an up and down season for both coaches and Coach Dypko is looking to avenge a 20-10 loss to these very Bears. Coach Dre knows it takes a lot to beat a team 2 games in 1 season and he knows he will have to mix up his attack but he is confident. "I think we have a good chance but I know we are going to have a helluva game on our hands with this team. They are peaking...... MORE
The Monsters of the Midway RETURN!!
Bears take the NFC North
They said it couldn't be done. They said it was not the year for it. They said they just weren't good enough. Well tell them they thought wrong about the Chicago Bears as the today hoist the NFC North division title! On to the playoffs and the march to a title. The Monsters are back!!...... MORE
New Sheriff in town!
Dre arrives in Chicago.
The trend has not been going well in Chicago. The once feared bully team has become the bullied face on the block. The fortunes have surely changed when the Bears hired Coach Dre to run the once proud franchise. The road will not be easy and the nasayers will be frequent but Dre is the kind of coach that can travel that road. The Bears will be a force to be rekoned with and the NFC North will once again be the Black and Blue division. The Monsters are coming!!! ...... MORE
Wk 1 Packers shawty_sub L 14 - 17
Wk 2 Cardinals CheeferD W 20 - 3
Wk 3 at Seahawks Lhu27 W 31 - 14
Wk 4 Raiders dypko_sub W 24 - 17
Wk 5 at Chiefs Pauly2110 L 10 - 31
Wk 6 at Lions Dpanther95 W 27 - 13
Wk 7 Bye
Wk 8 Vikings Qpeezy35 W 28 - 17
Wk 9 at Chargers Shackramen L 17 - 24
Wk 10 at Rams roclo_sub L 20 - 24
Wk 11 Broncos Woody_08 W 24 - 17
Wk 12 at Packers shawty_sub W 7 - 0
Wk 13 49ers MOFCommish W 20 - 10
Wk 14 Redskins NYRedskins W 20 - 19
Wk 15 at Vikings Qpeezy35 L 16 - 21
Wk 16 at Buccaneers Jfon W 20 - 17
Wk 17 Lions Dpanther95 W 19 - 14
Sep 04 at Seahawks Lhu27 W 31 - 14
Sep 05 Raiders dypko_sub W 24 - 17
Sep 05 Packers shawty_sub L 14 - 17
Sep 10 Cardinals CheeferD W 20 - 3
Sep 11 at Lions Dpanther95 W 27 - 13
Sep 16 at Chiefs Pauly2110 L 10 - 31
Sep 19