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CIN Enzo 24
PIT Canesbucs1 34
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WAS NYRedskins 17
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SFO MOFCommish 17
CHI BigDre245 23
  Playoffs match legendary coaches for 1st time.  
Commish Jeff's 49ers visit Coach Dre's Bears
They are 2 of the most storied coaches in the MOF and they meet finally in the playoffs for the 1st time as Commish Jeff and the San Francisco 49ers rollinto Soldier Field to play the NFC North Champion Chicago bears. This has been an up and down season for both coaches and Coach Dypko is looking to avenge a 20-10 loss to these very Bears. Coach Dre knows it takes a lot to beat a team 2 games in 1 season and he knows he will have to mix up his attack but he is confident. "I think we have a good chance but I know we are going to have a helluva game on our hands with this team. They are peaking...... MORE
  49ers Arrive In Chicago  
Kaepernick looks to lead the charge
The 49ers are set to play the Chicago Bears in a rematch from Week 13 where the Bears erased a 10-0 deficit to go on and win 20-10. In that game Kaepernick threw 3 interceptions, and he knows he has to be better to beat a team like Chicago and a coach like BigDre at home. "I'm just going to go in there and keep it simple. We have a gameplan, and i'm going to stick to it." - C. Kaepernick, QB Coach Dypko and Coach Dre have never met in the post-season before, so this will be a treat! The date and time of this game has not been announced yet, but we will keep a close eye....... MORE
  The Monsters of the Midway RETURN!!  
Bears take the NFC North
They said it couldn't be done. They said it was not the year for it. They said they just weren't good enough. Well tell them they thought wrong about the Chicago Bears as the today hoist the NFC North division title! On to the playoffs and the march to a title. The Monsters are back!!...... MORE
  Hyde Yo Kids  
49ers Ready To Make Run
Coach Dypko is back in San Francisco , this is his 6th tour here. The previous 5, he made the playoffs 4 times. So expectations are high this season. With the loses of Trev and Storm in the division, he looks to be the favorite now, especially after the huge win over Qpeezy's Vikings. Look for Hyde to get a massive upgrade in this weeks roster update....... MORE
  Big Expectations  
Falcons Fly High
Coach Beast is usually calling the shots for his home town Buffalo Bills which he took to 3 Superbowls and came away with 3 rings. But this season he is running the show in Atlanta. Atlanta never won a MOF Superbowl but did make it to 1 but lost to the Buffalo Bills coached by Beast. Coach Beast hopes to be able to have the same success with the Falcons and give them their 1st Superbowl. Coach Beast teams finds their most success by running the ball often and winning the turnover battles. Even with coaching his best QB ever in Matt Ryan and having one of the best WR in the game Julio Jones ex...... MORE
y - BUF MMXcalibur 10-6-0
e - MIA dre_sub 10-6-0
NYJ Jdidd 7-9-0
e - NWE MaddenUSA 4-12-0
y - PIT Canesbucs1 12-4-0
x - CIN Enzo 9-7-0
CLE Trigrdan 6-10-0
e - BAL Classo1999 5-11-0
e - TEN MrRoclo 9-7-0
e - IND hova_sub 7-9-0
y - JAC Shawtypizz 6-10-0
e - HOU jfon_sub 6-10-0
x - KAN Pauly2110 13-3-0
x - SDG Shackramen 11-5-0
DEN Woody_08 6-10-0
e - OAK dypko_sub 6-9-1
x - WAS NYRedskins 12-4-0
x - DAL IGotASxy 11-5-0
NYG Pettigrew 6-10-0
e - PHI woody_sub 4-12-0
y - CHI BigDre245 11-5-0
MIN Qpeezy35 8-7-1
e - GNB shawty_sub 7-9-0
e - DET Dpanther95 5-11-0
y - ATL Beast10790 13-3-0
TAM Jfon 9-7-0
e - CAR Hovadagod 7-9-0
e - NOR shack_sub 3-13-0
y - SEA Lhu27 10-6-0
x - SFO MOFCommish 10-6-0
e - ARI CheeferD 7-9-0
e - STL roclo_sub 5-11-0
x - KAN Pauly2110 13-3-0
y - PIT Canesbucs1 12-4-0
x - SDG Shackramen 11-5-0
y - BUF MMXcalibur 10-6-0
e - MIA dre_sub 10-6-0
e - TEN MrRoclo 9-7-0
x - CIN Enzo 9-7-0
e - IND hova_sub 7-9-0
NYJ Jdidd 7-9-0
DEN Woody_08 6-10-0
e - HOU jfon_sub 6-10-0
y - JAC Shawtypizz 6-10-0
e - OAK dypko_sub 6-9-1
CLE Trigrdan 6-10-0
e - BAL Classo1999 5-11-0
e - NWE MaddenUSA 4-12-0
y - ATL Beast10790 13-3-0
x - WAS NYRedskins 12-4-0
y - CHI BigDre245 11-5-0
x - DAL IGotASxy 11-5-0
y - SEA Lhu27 10-6-0
x - SFO MOFCommish 10-6-0
TAM Jfon 9-7-0
MIN Qpeezy35 8-7-1
e - ARI CheeferD 7-9-0
e - GNB shawty_sub 7-9-0
e - CAR Hovadagod 7-9-0
NYG Pettigrew 6-10-0
e - DET Dpanther95 5-11-0
e - STL roclo_sub 5-11-0
e - PHI woody_sub 4-12-0
e - NOR shack_sub 3-13-0
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Team News
Bears :   Playoffs match legendary coaches for 1st...
49ers :   49ers Arrive In Chicago
Bears :   The Monsters of the Midway RETURN!!
49ers :   Hyde Yo Kids
Falcons :   Big Expectations
Owner Notices
TXSpinRb8 :   Work ( 19 Oct - 23 Oct )
Canesbucs1 :   Vacation ( 19 Sep - 28 Sep )
Stormdown :   Vacation ( 15 Sep - 30 Sep )
TeamKA :   Vacation ( 11 Sep - 17 Sep )
Jfon :   Vacation ( 4 Sep - 7 Sep )
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Pauly2110 (0-0-0)   7
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NYRedskins (0-0-0)   8
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IGotASxy (0-0-0)   9
Classo1999 (0-0-0)  
Beast10790 (0-0-0)   10
MOFCommish (0-0-0)  
Recent Recaps
  Bengals 31 at Chiefs 23  
What a thriller! Down to the very end! Chiefs had the game in the palm of their hands with under 40 seconds left in the game. All they needed was a FG to win the game but they throw on 3rd down and gets returned for a TD by Mauluga! Almost came all the way down field to even after that! Bengals moving on getting their revenge on the ...... MORE
  Bengals 35 at Bills 27  
Bengals head into Buffalo for what would be the second matchup between these two this season, unfortunately for the Bills it would be the same outcome. Bengals take the game by a small margin, but proved to be the better team forcing more turnovers and most importantly, turnovers into points. Two of the three interceptions were taken to...... MORE
  49ers 17 at Bears 23  
When the smoke cleared, the Chicago Bears had a 23-17 win in the MOF playoffs over the visiting San Francisco 49ers. For most of the game, the most consistent player was K Robbie Gould as he made sure the Bears stayed on schedule with field goals to add to the lead. WR Alshon Jeffrey got the scoring going with a 62yd TD catch and run and ...... MORE
  Rams 14 at 49ers 37  
roclo_sub vs MOFCommish
49ers make statement against Rams, and clinch a playoff berth. The division is still up for grabs, but one thing is know, the 49ers are in the playoffs. Kaepernick had a great game, throwing 3 touchdowns, and running 1 in. The defense picked off Nick Foles 5 times en route to their victory. They will have 1 game left against these Rams an...... MORE
  Patriots 17 at Texans 34  
MaddenUSA vs jfon_sub
The Texans finished the season with a 34-17 win at home over the Patriots, finishing Coach Jfon's Interim stint in Houston where he finished with a 3-1 record. The game was back and forth early on, but late in the 2nd qtr and the entire second half the Texans turned it on behind a strong defensive effort as they picked off Brady 4 times, ...... MORE
  Cowboys 31 at Packers 29  
IGotASxy vs shawty_sub
The Cowboys needed this win to say in the hunt for the divisional title. The Cowboys win against the Cowboys, 31-29. This game was all Romo who had a 151.00 QB Rating and throwing 2 TD'S. The defense could of played better but all in all the did a good job intercepting Rodgers 2 times. The Cowboys are now one win away from the divisional ...... MORE
  Colts 7 at Dolphins 41  
hova_sub vs dre_sub
One game more with the Fins getting a win in the books as they close out the 2015 MOF season with a 41-7 drubbing of the visiting Indianapolis Colts. The story of this game was the defense as they forced a record 6INTs, returning 1 62yds for a TD and totally controlling the field On offense, RB Lamar Miller rushed for 135yds and 3TDs to g...... MORE
  Texans 23 at Colts 7  
jfon_sub vs hova_sub
The Texans and interim coach Jfon scored a win over division rival Indianapolis 23-7 in a game that meant nothing. Mallet started off slow throwing incompletes on his first 7 attempts. The Colts got going on their opening drive putting together a long lengthy drive capped off with a Gore 2 yard TD run. But the Texans defense would wake up...... MORE
  Giants 10 at Dolphins 17  
Pettigrew vs dre_sub
The defense proved to be all that was needed in this strong outing as the Miami Dolphins defeated the New York Giants 17-10 in SunLife Stadium. 9 sacks and 3 ints proved to be the dagger and knocking QB Eli Manning out of the game did no favors for them either. On offense, a balanced attack led enough points to get the win. Closing out th...... MORE
  Bengals 26 at 49ers 24  
Enzo vs MOFCommish
Bengals go into San Fran with a must win, as the rest of the season will be to even be a candidate for the playoffs. Dalton is near perfect only throwing four incompletions and throwing for over 300 yards. He spread the ball around to 9 different receivers. The majority being the backs in the 4th quarter since that was left open for hi...... MORE
  Jaguars 24 at Texans 34  
Shawtypizz vs jfon_sub
Interim head coach Jfon got the Texans a win in his first game at the helm holding on for a 34-24 win over the Jaguars. The Texans started off strong jumping out to an early 14-3 lead which they carried into the half. After what looked to be a sealer early in the 3rd when Cushing picked off Bortles and returned it to the house giving them...... MORE
  Eagles 14 at Giants 45  
woody_sub vs Pettigrew
The Giants finally show up to a game after a long absence. Manning and Beckham were on fire as Manning threw 4 TD's all to OBJ. Manning finished the game with a perfect 158.3 QB rating. The Giants defense finally played well too. Bradford was sacked 4 times, picked off 5, 3 of which were by Rodgers-Cromartie and he returned 2 of them to t...... MORE
  Rams 21 at Bengals 35  
roclo_sub vs Enzo
Bengals break over the .500 mark! They would jump out to quick 28-0 lead at the beginning of the 2nd quarter and never look back. Rams would eventually make the game interesting and close the gap but Bengals seal the deal in the 4th extending the lead to two TDs. Dalton and Green have a field day with 188 yards in the air between the t...... MORE
  49ers 9 at Browns 3  
MOFCommish vs Trigrdan
49ers win bore-fest in Cleveland 9-3. All field goals as the 49ers force 4 turnovers, including picking off the eventual benched Josh McCown 3 times. Austin Davis would take over and give a little bit of a spark to the Browns offense, but the Browns could just never get it going. Their best drive ended when Davis was stripped by Glen Dors...... MORE
  Cowboys 17 at Bills 16  
IGotASxy vs MMXcalibur
The Cowboys are getting hot and streaking. With a playoff berth coming every so closely, the Cowboys need all the wins they can get. Today, the barely beat the Bills, 17-16 in what was an exiting game. The Cowboys used 3 different RB's and each held their own and helped the offense. The 3 headed monster of McFadden, Randle and Michael com...... MORE
  Buccaneers 24 at Panthers 14  
Jfon vs Hovadagod
Buccaneers picked up a huge win vs division rival Carolina to sweep the Panthers this season with a hard fought 24-14 win. Winston was almost perfect going 21-26 over 300 yards and 3tds. Two of the tds came on long bombs to VJax as he hauled in 4 rec for over a 100 yards and the 2 scores. The defense picked off Cam twice including a big o...... MORE
  Titans 31 at Colts 21  
MrRoclo vs Aitch
In his first start of the season in place of Justin Hunter rookie Dorial Green-Beckham lit up the field down in Indy. Amassing over 150yds receiving and 3 TDs the rookie made a case to see the field more often. With him and a solid running game the Titans were able to outlast Andrew Luck and the Colts high powered offense to get the seaso...... MORE
  Jets 17 at Bills 20  
Jdidd vs MMXcalibur
The Buffalo Bills made it a clean sweep of the AFC East with a 20-17 victory over the visiting New York Jets. The Jets were down 13-3 in the 4th quarter before taking advantage of some very badly thrown balls from Tyrod Taylor to take a 17-13 lead. With the Jets having intercepted Taylor and deep in Bills territory, an poorly thrown ball ...... MORE
  49ers 24 at Lions 16  
MOFCommish vs Dpanther95
Torrey Smith lights up the Lions defense with two touchdowns in the 2nd half putting the 49ers ahead for good. One was a 80 yard touchdown from Kaepernick to open the 2nd half. Torrey Smith now has 847 yards and 6 touchdowns on the year. He is on pace to break 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns which would be a very nice accomplishment. Carlos...... MORE
  Lions 14 at Bears 19  
Dpanther95 vs BigDre245
The Chicago Bears notched win #10 today and strengthened their NFC North hold with a 19-14 win against division rival Detroit Lions. K Robbie Gould was money today kicking a career high 4FGs, keeping the Bears on schedule with the point total. The team has faced ups and downs, but throughout the turmoil they have remained focused on the g...... MORE
  Bears 20 at Buccaneers 17  
BigDre245 vs Jfon
The measure of a team is can you win the close games in the MOF. The Chicago Bears are answering those questions as they notched another close win by kicking the GW FG to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-17. The offense struggled but got a huge lift from the defense as they picked QB Jameis Winston twice, once going back for a TD. The c...... MORE
  Jets 7 at Giants 16  
Jdidd vs Pettigrew
Giants defense wins them the game (and Josh Brown's leg). In what was an ugly game for both teams offenses it was the Giants D and kicker Josh Brown that got the Giants the W. The Giants D picked off Geno twice and forced a fumble in which they recovered. Giants kicker Josh Brown booted 3 FG's and Manning hit Vereen on a TD pass late in t...... MORE
  Bills 17 at Jets 7  
MMXcalibur vs Jdidd
The Buffalo Bills faced a sizeable challenge from a staunch New York Jets defense, but came away 17-7 winners to reaffirm their top spot in the AFC East. "Things were looking pretty iffy there against Houston and Cincinnati. As if we lost our way, but when you beat two tough teams like the Redskins and Jets, it goes along way to rebuildin...... MORE
  Jaguars 0 at Jets 13  
Shawtypizz vs Jdidd
The Jets hosted the Jags today and both teams' D came to play, as they made it difficult for the opposition to get into the endzone. At the end of the day, the Jets were able to make a few big plays that would lead to much valued points. QB Geno Smith is showing improvement as he only had 1 INT, however, he'll need more work if this te...... MORE
  27 at 13  
Jdidd vs MaddenUSA
JETS WIN AGAIN! The Jets were able to come out of this game with the win due to some bend but don't break playing from their defense, lead by SS Calvin Pryor who had 2ints, 1 taken for a TD. Ivory was able to have himself another solid game. Although Geno Smith made some big plays, he needs to focus on not throwing int's. He's averaged...... MORE
  Browns 27 at Jets 33  
Trigrdan vs Jdidd
JETS GET FIRST WIN The Jets managed to get their first win of the season as they slugged it out for 5qtrs with the Browns. QB Geno Smith left a lot of plays on the field, however he did just enough to keep the Jets in it as he amassed for 377yds. RB's Powell and Ivory did the dirty work and picked up ...... MORE
  Browns 28 at Chargers 17  
Trigrdan vs Shackramen
The Cleveland Browns came to play, for one quarter. Luckily, that is all they needed. The Browns erupted for all 28 points in the 2nd quarter. Robert Turbin started the scoring off with an 8-yard plunge. Johnny Manziel, getting the spot start, tossed a 56-yard bomb to Josh Gordon to increase the Browns lead to 14-0. Cleveland's next two T...... MORE
  Jets 14 at Cowboys 18  
Jdidd vs IGotASxy
The Cowboys are getting hot! This game wasn't the best they played but beating the Jets 18-14 is helping their playoff hopes. The Boys weren't really clicking offensively but the defense stepped in and was able to stop the jets offense. The Cowboys had 3 INT's with some being key ones that could of led to a Jets score. A early safety at t...... MORE
  Bills 28 at Redskins 25  
MMXcalibur vs NYRedskins
The Buffalo Bills came to FedEx Field not playing their best football. Entering with a two game losing streak, the Bills left with a thrilling and confidence-building 28-25 win over the impressive Washington Redskins. Tyrod Taylor pulled a marvelous game out of his ass with over 200 yards and 2 touchdowns. Preston Brown provided the event...... MORE
  Broncos 37 at Chargers 19  
Woody_08 vs Shackramen
Denver came into today's game looking to knock off division leader San Diego and behind Peyton Manning and good defensive outing the Broncos did just that. Peyton Manning looked good in a 10-14 315 yard outing, Thomas was on the receiving end of 5 of those passes for 252 yards and two touchdowns. Manning threw his final td pass to te Virg...... MORE
  Redskins 19 at Bears 20  
NYRedskins vs BigDre245
When the smoke cleared on a heart pounding game, the Chicago Bears pulled off a daring comeback 20-19 on a wide right XP attempt that proved to by the difference. The player of the game was QB Jay Cutler, who looked down the gun barrel several times and delivered. None bigger than last drive, 80 yards away, 1 timeout and he drives them fo...... MORE
  Chargers 18 at Jaguars 24  
Shackramen vs Shawtypizz
Riding a 7 game losing streak the jags welcomed the chargers into town. The first half was a wild where the fans saw a 72 yard td pass from Bortles to Julius Thomas and a 68 yard td pass to lee. Denard Robinson also added a td run in that first half and rushed for over 100 yards for the first time this season. The 2nd half was all defense...... MORE
  Titans 38 at Jaguars 27  
MrRoclo vs Shawtypizz
In a division battle between the bottom two teams of the AFC South the Titans lit up the Jaguars defense for over 300yds of passing offense. In what was Marcus Mariota's coming out game Mariota posted a 144.5 Passer rating and kept the team in the lead all night with numerous big plays. The Titans defense got beat up in the air as well bu...... MORE
  Ravens 19 at Raiders 22  
Classo1999 vs TeamKA
Ravens lead most of the game with Justin Tucker kicking 4 FG's 3 over 50 yards (18, 50, 57, 58) . The Raiders took the lead with a late score on a 49 yard TD strike to Seth Roberts. The Ravens drove the field and attempted a 38 FG with 0:08 remaining to go for the tie. After freezing the kicker his attempt was wide left giving Da Raiders ...... MORE
  Patriots 31 at Giants 19  
MaddenUSA vs Pettigrew
Tom and Bill spoke to each other after the game and decided we are going to play spoiler alert to teams that are on the bubble. If you play the Pats and you need the win to get into the playoffs, don't look for an easy win and who knows, if too many teams get disqualified we might find MaddenUSA and the Pats in the playoffs... We can stil...... MORE
  Buccaneers 28 at Colts 21  
Jfon vs Aitch
The Buccaneers went on the road for week 12 to Indianapolis to battle the red hot Colts. Needing a win badly after losing 2 in a row the Bucs came up with just enough plays to get a win. After an early TD strike by the Colts from Luck to Hilton the Bucs defense stepped up not allowing points in the 2nd and 3rd qtrs and forced 4 ints on Lu...... MORE
  Broncos 17 at Bears 24  
Woody_08 vs BigDre245
Coming off a terrible loss. the Chicago Bears got back on the winning side by defeating a very tough Denver Broncos team 24-17 in front of a sold out Soldier Field. This was a sloppy game on offense with the running game being shut down and the passing game being mixed with great and horrible play. The team did enough to get the win, incl...... MORE
  49ers 3 at Seahawks 31  
MOFCommish vs Lhu27
SeaHawk D smoothers 49ers offense Forces 5 Turnover. The hawk D is really hitting tis stride forcing Kapernick to throw 5 Ints. Earl Thomas was a major factor in the game intercepting 2 pass and firing Vernon Davis to drop a ball and leave the game on a bone jarring hit. The offense took a step forward despite Wilson throwing 2 Ints inclu...... MORE
  Cowboys 37 at Dolphins 19  
IGotASxy vs Rmorales26
The Cowboys defense took no prisoners as they stepped it up a few notches and assisted the Cowboys in notching there 7th win with a 37-19 win over the dolphins. This game was all Cowboys as the defense picked off QB Tannehill 6 times with one being a pick 6. The running game was also on point for the Cowboys as they had a 2 running back c...... MORE
  Panthers 9 at Cowboys 20  
Hovadagod vs IGotASxy
The Cowboys thus far have showed signs of being a contender and signs of being a non playoff team. Coach Ron knows to be a contender, you have to have a balanced attack. The running game hasn't had its glory yet, until this game. The Cowboys were able to use a 2 RB effort and beat the Panthers 20-9. This game was mostly won by the legs of...... MORE
  Cowboys 35 at Eagles 27  
IGotASxy vs TXSpinRb8
Every divisional game is a must win for the Cowboys if they want to compete for the divisional title and playoff run. This game against the Eagles could be a deciding factor in this scenario. It was a must win and win is what they did as Dallas beat Philly 35-27. This game was all Romo who had 5 TD's 2 of them to WR Williams. The defense ...... MORE
  Ravens 24 at 49ers 27  
Classo1999 vs MOFCommish
49ers hold on and defeat the Ravens in overtime! The 49ers stormed onto the field and took an early 17-0 lead in the Ravens at home. The Ravens however flipped a switch and came right back on the 49ers, holding them until the 4th quarter and taking a 24-17 lead. With 40 seconds left, and 3rd and 9, Joe Flacco decided to keep the ball for ...... MORE
  Ravens 24 at Dolphins 27  
Classo1999 vs Rmorales26
The Baltimore Raven found his final resting place on the beautiful shores of south beach Florida. However, before their demise, the ravens put one hell of a fight. Their are a few good things the dolphins can take away from this, the dolphins rushed for a season high and also put a nice defensive effort together. The issue is Tanny who ha...... MORE
  24 at 31  
Krayzie300 vs Rmorales26
Fins up, Fins all the way up!!! These lovely ladies were in attendance when the Dolphins played the Texans. They might of been the reason the Texans could not get focused. Suh made his mark in a very big way, accounting for 3 of the 4 sacks the phins picked up. Lamar Miller had a very impressive day that included a score. The p...... MORE
  Panthers 0 at Seahawks 14  
Hovadagod vs Lhu27
Another Defensive Battle for the Seattle Seahawks after scoring 14 points in the 1st quarter the rest of the game saw 0 points scored. The Seattle defense intercepted Cam Newton 4 times on a way to a victory including a int by D Bailey in the end zone. Seattle needs to find a way to get its offense on track, but faces huge problems on the...... MORE
  Patriots 14 at Broncos 21  
MaddenUSA vs Woody_08
In a game in which there were no turnovers the Broncos just played ball control football with more than 5 minutes more top than the Patriots. Cj Anderson ran the ball 18 times for 58 yards and 2 touchdown, Peyton Manning had an efficient day completing 13-18 passes for 173 yards and one touchdown. On the other side of the ball Tom Brady c...... MORE
  Broncos 12 at Colts 24  
Woody_08 vs Aitch
The Indianapolis Colts keep on rolling as they hosted Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos. Peyton's old age shined through at the veteran quarterback threw for 4 interceptions against Indianapolis' stout secondary. The running game started off fast and early which lead the way for the passing game and before we knew it the Colts walked ...... MORE
  Buccaneers 10 at Eagles 17  
Jfon vs TXSpinRb8
Bucs and Eagles turned out to be a good ol who can establish the running game first battle, that ended up with the Eagles special teams getting a win for them at home. The Bucs came out and were man handling the Eagles up and down the field, but it was the Eagles defense and a bit of luck that lead them to victory. After the Buc drove d...... MORE
  Cardinals 17 at 49ers 28  
CheeferD vs MOFCommish
49ers complete sweep of the Arizona Cardinals tonight. The Cardinals were looking good as they went into the half with a 17-14 lead after a 75 yard bomb from Palmer to Floyd. The 49ers turned things around in the 2nd half as they shut the Cardinals out and scored 2 more touchdowns. Navarro Bowman added another interception to his season t...... MORE
  49ers 10 at Bears 20  
MOFCommish vs BigDre245
For the 2nd consecutive game, the Chicago Bears had to overcome a 4th qtr deficit to get a win. Today the amount was 7 points as they ran off 20 straight points for the 20-10 win. The struggles were a plenty on both sides of the ball but timely turnovers manifested into extra possessions that led to points. The 49er defense, led by LB Nav...... MORE
  Bills 27 at Patriots 10  
MMXcalibur vs MaddenUSA
Preston Brown is starting to become a household name in Buffalo. Behind his 3 interceptions, including a pick-six, the Buffalo Bills completed the season sweep of the New England Patriots with a 27-10 victory in Foxboro. The Bills jumped out to a 7-0 lead on a four play 80 yard drive to start the game and never looked back. LeSean McCoy c...... MORE
  Falcons 20 at 49ers 24  
Beast10790 vs MOFCommish
49ers never give up as they steal one from Atlanta. The Falcons (2-2) came into this game against the 49ers (2-3) with alot to prove. They needed to keep pace with the 1st place Bucs, and the 49ers actually had to keep pace with the newly founded Seahawks and Lhu27. The 49ers opened up the game 10-0 with only a few seconds into the 2nd. T...... MORE
  Cardinals 24 at Seahawks 20  
CheeferD vs Lhu27
Turnovers Ground Hawks. Despite controlling the ball for more then 20 minutes the Seahawks lose to an opportunistic cardinals defense that forced for turnovers including a fumble returned for a TD. "We tried to avoid Peterson and J. Powers stepped up and made 2 great plays to intercept Russell twice." said Coach Dolan. With the Seahawk lo...... MORE
  Dolphins 17 at Patriots 14  
Rmorales26 vs MaddenUSA
The Miami Dolphins are in Trouble!! The Dolphins are in a bad way right now. The New England Patriots gave them all that they could handle and more in this nail biter. The Pats look like a team who's record shouldn't be what it is. They dominated the dolphins on defense all game long and found every way imaginable ...... MORE
  Dolphins 17 at Bills 28  
Rmorales26 vs MMXcalibur
Buffalo completed a sweep of their division rivals from Miami with a 28-17 victory at the friendly confines of Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bills had only 43 yards rushing and controlled the ball for only 12:15, and usually that spells a big fat loss for the Bills. For (probably) the first time in the long coaching career of MMXcalibur, his ...... MORE
  Dolphins 28 at Eagles 31  
Rmorales26 vs TXSpinRb8
Eagles played a well oiled Dolphins team and had severe concerns of being able to hang with them to at least make it a game. Luckily, the score did not even tell the story of this game. The Eagles jumped to a nice lead, but the Dolphins wouldn't quit and scored 21 points in the final qtr to bring the game within three. If it wasn't for...... MORE
  Vikings 17 at Bears 28  
Qpeezy35 vs BigDre245
It seemed destined that the Chicago Bears were on there way to a loss down 17-0 in the 3rd qtr with 1:28 on the clock after RB Adrian Peterson plunged in for a 1yd TD. But then QB Jay Cutler came alive and led his Bears on a 28 unanswered point streak to get the 28-17 breath-taking win. The charge was started by a 54yd TD pass to rookie W...... MORE
  Giants 7 at Eagles 17  
Pettigrew vs TXSpinRb8
The Giants roll into Philly ready to take on the Eagels under the new Coach Vince Manners. From the beginning of the game it was ugly and that set the tone for the rest of the game. Both squads looked confused but Philly was just lucky enough to get a few points to grab their first victory of the season. Murray was the work horse of th...... MORE
  Cowboys 18 at Buccaneers 20  
IGotASxy vs Jfon
Buccaneers scored a huge win vs the Cowboys in week 10 of MOF action. Coming off a tough loss to the Giants, the Bucs faced another NFC East opponent at home. The Cowboys opened the game with a long methodical drive but the Bucs D stiffined in their territory which lead to a 36 yard FG by the Cowboys to get the scoring started. Just into ...... MORE
  Giants 23 at Buccaneers 13  
Pettigrew vs Jfon
What a game today as the Bucs and Coach JasFon welcomed the Giants and coach Pettigrew into warm Tampa Bay. The game was pure defense through 3 quarters with nothing but FG's being scored between either team. The 4th quarter things finally broke open. The Giants started with RB Shane Vereen breaking off a huge 73 yard run to go up 13-6. T...... MORE
  Patriots 28 at Cowboys 21  
MaddenUSA vs IGotASxy
Sometimes you are the bug and some days you are the windshield. Today, I was the windshield and poor Ron was the bug. It was a back and forth game in Dallas and Tom Brady showed why he is Mr. Cool and can still put together wins. The Patriots record might show that they are 1-4 but, other than getting blown out by the Colts, the Pats aren...... MORE
  Titans 14 at Browns 28  
MrRoclo vs Trigrdan
The Cleveland Browns opened the season with a nice 28-14 victory against the visiting Tennessee Titans. Being Coach Trigrdan's first game using these Browns, he did not know what to expect. The Browns came through in flying colors. The ground game was led by Robert Turbin, who punched in 2 of Cleveland's 4 touchdowns. Dwayne Bowe also cau...... MORE
  Dolphins 24 at Titans 14  
Rmorales26 vs MrRoclo
Miami left with no choice but to open up the aerial assault. The Miami Dolphins were face to face with an opponent that was not scared of their record nor the hype that is beginning to surround the team. The Titans reminded everyone who is feeling the Miami Dolphins, that until you step out onto the football field lip service is just that...... MORE
  Patriots 7 at Colts 35  
MaddenUSA vs Aitch
Defense does it again as the Indianapolis Colts had an astonishing six total interceptions on pretty boy Tom Brady. Two of which came at the hands of Cornerback Vontae Davis. And one of those he ran in for a touchdown! Now under the guidance of Coach Hernandez the Colts have forced 9 turnovers in just two games. Two of those have been ta...... MORE
  Bears 27 at Lions 13  
BigDre245 vs Dpanther95
It was tough, it was gritty, but the Chicago Bears were able to turn back the their division rival Detroit Lions today in Ford Field 27-13. This was a defensive affair until the 2nd half when the offenses came alive and put points on the board. QB Jay Cutler continued his steady play with 251yds and 2TD and RB Matt Forte chipped in with 1...... MORE
  Bills 7 at Titans 13  
MMXcalibur vs MrRoclo
The Bills came in undefeated...The Titans came in after two heartbreakers...the end result was a scrappy nasty dog fight and the Titans walked away on top. In a game that saw both running games shut down, a total of 4 turnovers, 10 sacks, and a lot of top notch defensive performances the Titans edged the Bills after forcing a late 4th qtr...... MORE
  Vikings 21 at 49ers 24  
Qpeezy35 vs MOFCommish
The 49ers came into this game in an early must win situation after losing their last two games. It wasn't a pretty game as Kaepernick threw 3 more interceptions, and was an awful 7 for 17. But the defense did its job, holding Peterson to under 60 yards rushing, and forcing 2 turnovers. The run game was the difference as Carlos Hyde ran fo...... MORE
  Buccaneers 14 at Saints 10  
Jfon vs Cav1088
The Buccaneers bounced back after suffering their first loss of the season in embarrassing fashion to the Redskins. Snag a key divisional win over the Saints in a hard fought defensive battle 14-10. The Saints missed some big opportunities in the redzone and missed on 2 Field goals. The Bucs put together just enough big plays through the ...... MORE
  Cardinals 3 at Bears 20  
CheeferD vs BigDre245
It may be early, but the Chicago Bears are making an early season case for overachievers as they improved their record to 3-1 with a 20-3 win over the visiting Arizona Cardinals. The Bears defense led the way forcing 4INTS and giving the ball back to the ball control offense of RB Matt Forte who helped push the home team over the edge, 3-...... MORE
  49ers 18 at Giants 37  
MOFCommish vs Pettigrew
Giants finally win another game! In what was a quirky game to say the least with circus catches among other things the Giants pulled the 37-18 win out. The Giants offense was decent but could use improvement. The Giants D is what stood out today though as Kaep was sacked 4 times and picked off once. The Giants D also forced 2 fumbles and ...... MORE
  24 at 17  
IGotASxy vs Pettigrew
The Cowboys played their second game against the Giants tonight and what a game it was. The Cowboys did take a early 14-0 lead however the Giants marched there way back and cut the lead to 24-17 late in the 4th quarter. QB Eli Manning had his team in check however a INT as he was driving his team in a tying score was the end to the comeba...... MORE
  31 at 38  
Cav1088 vs Aitch
Indianapolis Cornerback Greg Toler says not today as the Colts mount a huge comeback against the New Orlean Saints in Coach Hernandez's first game back in the MOF. And what an exciting game it was as it looked like the Indianapolis Colts were going to waltz into an easy victory over Coach Vince after starting off with two huge touchdown p...... MORE
  13 at 10  
MMXcalibur vs Shawtypizz
Leodis McKelvin intercepted Blake Bortles twice, including a last-gasp jump ball in the end zone with :20 left, to lead the Bills to a 13-10 nailbiting win. The Jaguars led the game 10-3 midway through the 2nd quarter thanks to a 78 yard punt return for a touchdown. The Bills would answer back on the ensuing drive with a 17 yard scramble ...... MORE
  Jaguars 17 at Buccaneers 28  
Shawtypizz vs Jfon
Bucs improve to 4-0 with a win at home over instate rival Jacksonville 28-17. It was a defensive battle early as both sides played stellar D and forced turnovers. But Winston got the Bucs offense going in the 2nd connected with Evans on a 49 yard TD strike followed by a TD pass to Vincent Jackson as the horn expired to go to the half givi...... MORE
  Panthers 14 at Buccaneers 20  
Hovadagod vs Jfon
The Buccaneers improved to 3-0 with a big divisional win over the Panthers. In what turned into a sloppy defensive battle the Bucs D stole the show as they picked off Cam Newton an amazing 5 times. 3 Ints in the first qtr looked to blow the game open but the Bucs offense sputtered in the redzone only getting 2 Fgs in the first qtr. then t...... MORE
  Chiefs 30 at Bengals 33  
Pauly2110 vs Enzo
Bengals finally snap out of it and pull out a victory at home against the KC Charles' aka the Chiefs. Although the beginning looked very sloppy for Dalton with two of his first three passes being intercepted, he woke up and completed 21-27 for the game for over 300 yards and found the endzone twice through the air and once on the ground....... MORE
  Titans 17 at Buccaneers 24  
MrRoclo vs Jfon
Buccaneers improved to 2-0 with a hard fought win over the Titans 24-17. The game started well as Winston lead the Bucs right down the field and found V-Jax for a 20 yard td reception. Then the bucs forced a quick titan three and out and was looking to take a commanding lead but Woodyard picked off Winston and took it 89 yards the other w...... MORE
  Falcons 28 at Cowboys 18  
Beast10790 vs IGotASxy
The Falcons were able to come away with a win in Dallas. This game was a tight one both offensives were really careful with the football with only 1 turnover happening in this one. That turnover was a big one with Paul Worrilow picking off Tony Romo and returned it 44yards to pay dirt! The Falcons run game struggled but came thru when the...... MORE
  Colts 7 at Bills 23  
JnyQuest vs MMXcalibur
The Buffalo Bills improved to 4-0 with a 23-7 victory over the hapless Indianapolis Colts. In addition to his two touchdowns, LeSean McCoy ran for 138 yards and contributed 92 yards through the air to lead the BIlls attack. EJ Manuel got the start this time around to keep passes as close to on target as possible and for what little was as...... MORE
  Cowboys 37 at Saints 13  
IGotASxy vs Cav1088
The Cowboys came into this gaming winning their 1st game of the year and hoping they can notch there 2nd. Win they did as the Cowboys beat the Saints, 37-13. This game was all Cowboys. Both the defense and offense was working like it should as they shut down the run game of the Saints and held QB Bree's in check. The Cowboys offense was p...... MORE
  Ravens 14 at Broncos 28  
Classo1999 vs Woody_08
The Broncos hosted the Baltimore Ravens in todays game, The Broncos come into the game 0-1 after a come back fell short against the Vikings. Denver shot out of the gate scoring the first three touchdowns, two from te Virgil Green. Baltimore would add a score before halftime to make it 21-7. Denver would get the ball at half but could not...... MORE
  Raiders 17 at Bears 24  
TeamKA vs BigDre245
The Chicago Bears continued their hot start with a 24-17 tight win against the Oakland Raiders. RB Matt Forte and WR Alshon Jeffrey led a potent offense while the opportunistic defense got 2 turnovers to pace the way. Coach Dre knows deep ball help will be the focus in practice this week as too many over the top shots made him weep. He wi...... MORE
  Jets 14 at Dolphins 34  
GBryan vs Rmorales26
This one is always personal between the Jets and Dolphins. Neither team likes each other and it was evident early on. The Dolphins on the first play of the game saw Lamar Miller take it to the house on a 71 yard run for a touchdown. The jets responded with tough defense that certainly came to play, it was the offense that was their achill...... MORE